Earlier this year the Indian government 'froze' Greenpeace bank accounts and accused them of failure to keep proper administration records and of fraud. Now, Greenpeace has been informed that its society status has been cancelled and told to terminate its operations. This is an attack on democracy and freedom of speech.

India is the world's largest democracy but the right of Indians to speak out is under threat. Moreover, it's not just Greenpeace under threat, civil society organisations including

The Sabrang Trust
Citizens for Justice and Peace
People’s Watch

are all under attack by a 'democratic' government.

The cancellation of Greenpeace's society status is the most serious attempt to close them down yet. They will challenge this order in the courts. But they also need to tell the world what is happening in India.

In one month's time on Human Rights Day (10th December), Greenpeace India will deliver your messages to the United Nations. They don’t have much time so please visit the website of Greenpeace India and sign the petition to Ban Ki-moon of the U.N. to lend his voice in support of free speech and civil society in India.

For more than 15 years, Greenpeace India has been working alongside like-minded groups, to ensure that Indian citizens have access to clean energy, food, air and water. But now, perhaps because of our successful campaigns, the Ministry of Home Affairs is trying to close them down.

But if enough of us raise our voices, if we tell our friends, and share the news on social media, then together we can make a stand for the environment, civil society and democracy in India.

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