An adult male tiger rescued from conflict in Sivasagar district, was recently sighted in the wild in Greater Manas, confirming its survival more than 1000 days since its release by the Forest Department assisted by International Fund for Animal Welfare – Wildlife Trust of India (IFAW-WTI).

The tiger was caught from Geleki in March 2010, following encounters with humans that led to the death of two people. “In cases of human-tiger conflicts in India, capture is generally the beginning and not the end of the story,” said Vivek Menon, Executive Director, WTI and Regional Director – South Asia, IFAW.

Considerations are that, with the tiger population estimated to be less than 2000 in the country, unnecessary loss of individuals to captivity cannot be afforded. However, neither can human lives be risked, either by ignoring a problem tiger or by hastily releasing a problem tiger, and losing crucial public support for the entire species. It s a predicament that requires careful consideration of possibilities.

Camera trap photographs show that the tiger's radio-collar has dropped off. Dr Bhaskar Choudhury, Regional Head – Northeast, WTI said that due to the amount of time it has lived wild without being involved in reports of conflict, we can now be satisfied that this tiger has safely established itself here. Its reproductive success in Manas will contribute to tiger conservation in this (Manas-Bhutan) landscape.

The tiger was recently photographed in camera traps set for tiger monitoring in Manas, around 1095 days since it was released.

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