Long term conservation must address two principal issues
  • To promote and/or provide alternative sources of income and energy for tribal people still directly dependent on forest resources.
  • To protect the remaining forests and their wildlife from the numerous threats posed by poachers, timber thieves and other commercial activities.
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To address the second principal issue, LifeForce supports the Madhya Pradesh Forest Department and thereby enhances protection.

Projects completed to date include the supply of four vehicles, accommodation for Forest Guards and their families adjacent to Tiger Reserve boundaries, fire-beaters, water bottles, mosquito nets, environmentally-friendly torches, morale-boosting and educational presentations.

Tube Well Tube Well

To address the first issue, LifeForce pursues a community-based conservation strategy including humanitarian welfare projects. Projects completed to date include eight tube wells to provide second and third annual harvests for hundreds of tribal villagers, the building and equipping of four classrooms, the design and delivery of Health and Hygiene Workshops to prevent disease and link environmental health with personal health e.g. having demonstrated to villagers how to filter water (using equipment readily available to them) they are shown that the village well will only yield water to be filtered whilst the forest holds the water table within reach of the well-shaft.

All the above is provided while stressing the importance to local people of co-operation with Nature, the Forest Department and each other.

The Environmental Crisis


The crisis facing the tiger and its ecosystem is but one example of endangered species and of numerous other threats to our life-support system including global-warming with melting polar ice caps, ozone depletion, loss of topsoil, pollution, habitat degradation and deforestation.

LifeForce holds the view that saving species from extinction is valid if, and only if, action is being taken to address the system that produces all of these problems i.e. there is little point saving a leaf on the top-most branch of a tree whilst the trunk is being sawn through.

Hence, via newsletters, Internet and public presentations LifeForce recommends practical actions (click here to see how you can take action) by which individuals can make constructive contributions to the global environmental situation. Solutions to our problems as individuals, communities, nations and a planet involve a re-evaluation of our personal and collective priorities and the current commercial, socio-economic and political systems.

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